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Custom report to see current "Patch Management Solution" license consumption 

May 11, 2017 08:46 AM

Does "Patch Management Solution" license node(s) are properly used by managed client computers?

Custom reports will show exact list of managed computers who are consuming "Patch Management Solution" license and which computers makes unnecessary consumption of license node(s).

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Reports have columns to see when appropriate client computer started license node consumption and when last get client policy and basic inventory event appeared from this computer



1. "All Computers currently consuming "Patch Management" license node(s)" report

  • Report shows all managed computers with "Software Update Agent" installed who are currently consuming a 'Patch Management' license node(s)

2. "Computers with 'Active' asset status consuming 'Patch Management' license but haven't sent own basic inventory to NS for last 30 days" report

  • Consider license usage for these computers because they haven't reported own basic inventory to NS for last 30 days. Probably they are lost and lead to unnecessary consumption of Patch license node.

If you see there client computers who shouldn't consume license, then just uninstall there "Software Update Agent" plug-in or make this client computer asset status "Retired", then "Patch Management Solution" license node will be reclaimed.

3. "Computers with 'Retired' asset status with "Software Update Agent" who don't consume 'Patch Management' license'" report

  • Report shows computers with 'Software Update Agent' installed with 'Retired" asset status which don't consume a Patch license node(s)

How to import them in my NS:

  • Download attached "Patch Management Solution_ license maintenance reports.xml" ⇒ Open Symantec Management Console ⇒ open "Reports" page and via mouse right click menu, import downloaded .xml



  • Products: At least "Symantec Management Platform" & "Patch Management Solution" should be installed.
  • Support version: Reports are created on 7.6 HF7 release but should work for 8.x releases as well as for 7.1.x versions.


Make sure that you have required settings specified for Purging Maintenance task to automatically set "Retired" asset status for computer which hasn't communicate with Notification Server for %n% days, then after each nightly purging task running, appropriate managed computer(s) asset status will be changed to 'Retired' and license node(s) for solution(s) will be reclaimed



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