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 VIPEG: Is there an expiration for the LDAP Synchronization after multiple failures?

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Broadcom Knight Rodrigo Calvo posted Jul 06, 2022 11:52 AM
Hi Team

I would like to know under an scenario that uses only one LDAP Server what happened if this system is down and what is the life of the cached directory that VIP Enterprise Gateway had previous the disconnection with the LDAP.

What I recall is that the previous copy will be working , multiple alerts will appear about synchronization errors but the last copy will still used.

Thanks for your clarification.
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Broadcom Employee Andreas Horlacher
The RADIUS validation server will shut off if connectivity to the User Store(s) defined in the settings is lost. Service resumes once the connection is re-established. For this reason, redundant connections are recommended. Usernames and passwords are never cached on the VIP Enterprise Gateway. 

If connectivity to the VIP Cloud is lost from the VIP Enterprise Gateway but user store connectivity is uninterrupted, the optional Business Continuity feature can be enabled to send an email alert and (also optional) allow second-factor authentications to continue. 

See VIP Enterprise Gateway Business Continuity