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 Unable to Download File from Internet due to Unknown Category File Type

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Sachin Bangari posted Mar 26, 2024 07:17 AM

Hello Team,

Can anyone let me know how to download the file with Unknown Category File Type [book2png] for the internal url which comes under category Technology/Internet.

Users reported that they are unable to download their eBook files from the Internet.

Based on checking, we found "Denied" from the Proxy logs when the users trying to perform the download.

From the logs, we found out that the download action is being "Denied" by Proxy because the file that is being downloading is "book2png" which is categorized as Unknown by the Proxy.

If we allow the "No scanning in CAS" for this url and allow "FileSharing" as well and the file manage to be downloaded.

So our concern now is to allow the Unknown file type [book2png] in Proxy.