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 SWG VA Backup config

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Justin Wood posted Jul 28, 2022 10:34 PM
Hey All

We are considering virtualizing some of our proxies and while looking through the SWG deployment guide I noticed that it says you need to power off the SGG VA when backing up the config?

Surely this can't be correct.

Can someone please confirm this?

Section 6 When to Power Off the SWG VA
Some tasks that you perform on the SWG VA require a shutdown. When you do
any of the following, save all of your configuration changes and then power off
the SWG VA:

❐ Backing up the SGOS configuration
❐ Upgrading the server software
❐ Taking the server offline for maintenance
❐ Migrating the SWG VA to a different server
❐ Installing additional or higher-capacity drives on the vSphere Hypervisor
❐ Adding a serial port to the SWG VA

Here is the guide

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Broadcom Employee Jacob Miles
Hi Justin,

That is odd, and I have reached out for clarification on what is meant. You definitely need the ProxySG up and running to create an archive file, or to pull a backup using Management Center, and neither of those will shut down the box. If those are ways you are used to taking back ups, then no shut down is required.


I got some clarity on this, and the reference is for if you are taking a vSphere backup. The team has added clarity to that statement. Please see the updated documentation below