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 SSPI reported an internal error

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ProxyAdmin TRG posted Nov 30, 2023 05:54 AM

Any help to identify this issue on ProxySG

SSPI reported an internal error."  2F 3B0003:1  pe_policy_action_auth_internal.cpp:1048

We see such multiple errors on event logs and at a point of time the Proxy was unable to process any traffic. Reboot resolved the issue.

Version: SGOS
Model: S400-30

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ProxyAdmin TRG

Appreciate any insights into this.

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Broadcom Knight AKH_BC

Have you filed a support case or reviewed newer patch notes to see if this issue has been identified as a known issue and slated for resolution in a new version?

With very little other than the error message to go on and your OS/Model, there isn't much folks on here could do, or even support without further information.

HIGHLY suggest you file a support case so they can investigate further.