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 SEP 14.3 RU5 - Cient Install Package not updating from 14.3 RU5 @ Domain Controller

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Kleines posted Jul 01, 2022 04:51 AM

we updated the SEPM from version 14.3 RU4 to 14.3 RU5.
All SEP agents were updated successfully to ver. 14.3 RU5 by appliyng an install package to the groups.
Only the group containing Domain Controller on OS Windows Server 2019 didn´t do the upgrade (same install package settings and same client upgrade policy as for all other clients).
We tried to do a manual installation on a domain controller. The setup runs a while, then a rollback finishes the failure installation.

Has anyone similar effects or has an idea how to troubleshoot?

Many thanks and best regards!
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Erik Denkers
Have you looked at the SEP_INST.LOG file on the domain controller to see why the install is failing and rolling back?
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Hi Erik,
sorry for the late reply (was on vacation)...
Yes, I´ve looked at the SEP_INST.Log, but I find no information that could help me solve the update failure.
The same package installation works fine on all other nonDC-Systems .
Enclosed the SEP client properties and attached the SEP_INST.Log.
Any help is highly appreciated!
Many thanks in advance!
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Erik Denkers
The SEP_INST.log file that you posted shows near the bottom...

MSI (s) (10:50) [10:03:08:584]: Windows Installer installed the product. Product Name: Symantec Endpoint Protection. Product Version: 14.3.8259.5000. Product Language: 1033. Manufacturer: Broadcom. Installation success or error status: 1603.

It has been my experience this usually means that the operating system needs to be rebooted.  I would reboot the server and then retry the installation.

If it still fails after a reboot, then I would open a support case with Broadcom for further troubleshooting.
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Broadcom Employee John Owens
With 1603 errors you will want to look at the SIS_INST.log. If you post it here I can take a look.
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many thanks for your help and support!
It looks like that we´ve found the issue, a missing digicert certificate on the sep agent systems...

Best regards and once again many thanks for your support!