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 How to activate HSTS

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Manuel Nientit posted Mar 18, 2024 09:38 AM


I know that there is an older thread discussing this question, but that has been 3 years ago, so that things might have changed.

Did they? ;)

I want to activate HSTS for the SMG console. Is there a way to do it?

I did not even find a way to deactivate non-tls. Did I miss it somehow? Did I miss something in the documentation?

Thanks a lot,


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Broadcom Employee Thomas Anderson Best Answer

Unless you have changed the configuration, you should see that all communications with the BCC are https.  There may be an http listener but it will re-direct to through https.

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Manuel Nientit

Hi Thomas,

yes, you are right. I somehow remembered, HSTS having multiple security functions which makes it usefull even when having disabled HTTP completely, but it seems, I was mistaken. 

So, after having disabled HTTP over SSH (cc-config), the purpose is served ;)