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 DLP 16.0 upgrade /OCR certificates

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Angel Jose Saz Tallada posted Feb 20, 2024 11:05 AM

Hello, I'm currently in DLP 15.8 MP3 and have a OCR server installed with the default Symantec certificates in the keystore, we have to upgrade to 16.0 and as per  tech documentation, the OCR Server now requires that the TLS keypair is in the form of a separate certificate file and an encrypted private key file. The tech documentation related to it (DLP 16.0  certificates and OCR) is confusing for me, so I wonder if someone can give me advice.

In 15.8 MP3 with OCR the keystore already has the Symantec default certificates, can these default certificates be the ones to export/transform to the required new format? or new non-Symantec certificates have to be created for the upgrade?

In a completely new installation of DLP 16.0 with OCR, what is installed in the ORC server keystore by default?

Many thanks in advance