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**** scanner IP addresses in SEPM Migration

  • 1.  **** scanner IP addresses in SEPM Migration

    Posted Apr 16, 2024 10:43 AM
    Edited by Jomo Frank Apr 23, 2024 09:24 AM

    Hello Expert,

    An external partner is performing Vulnerability scans in our network via a  scanner device. The reported that all the assets scan was reporting some of the ports are filtered. 

    I configured an exception for the scanner ip address in the SEPM.

    Another scan was redone the results was all the windows 2016 sever on the network reported a successful scan but the windows 10 and 11 clients on the network reported filtered ports.

    We did a test , the antivirus was disable on a windows 10 and windows 11 workstation and the vulnerability was redone.

    Upon completion no filter ports was reported allowing a successful scan by the scanner.

    The result above suggested that Symantec IPS was block the scanner from execution of the scan to completion.

    Unsure why this is working with the server but not the windows workstation.

    How can we propagate this policy configurated   in SEPM to all the windows 10 and 11 workstation.

    I have included two screenshots for reference.

    Thank you.