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  • 1.  Problems using citrix workspace after ProxySG upgrade

    Posted Jan 24, 2023 11:02 AM

    Greetings Broadcom community

    I am creating this post in hopes that you all may be able to help me with a problem that I have been struggling with for the past month.

    I support a small community of developers.

    They all sit on site, using physical computers. ( to check email  ect )

    Their actual development environment is located in AWS

    They access the development environment through a Citrix storefront which connects to their development workstations via Citrix ICA client ( Citrix workspace )

    Everything has been running fine for years.

    We recently upgraded our Symantec ProxySG

    Ever since we upgraded the proxy, their experience using their AWS based development workstations is horrible.

    They can connect fine and log into their AWS instances through our storefront with no problems but after about 5 to 10 minutes of use the connection will freeze.

    These freeze ups will sometimes last a few seconds  and sometime will freeze and never come back.

    If they close out the Citrix window they can go back to storefront, reconnect with no issues and work for another 5 to 10 minutes  but will experience the freeze again.

    If a developer is working from home they do not experience any problems.

    To troubleshoot the issue I was able to work with my network team to set up a few onsite computers to bypass the new proxy.  Those computers do not experience the freeze ups. It is definitely something with our new proxy.

    The old proxySG was using the OS

    The new proxySG is running OS

    The old was running on physical hardware and the new is running on Symantec's ISG platform

    The technician that administers the proxySG has tried modifying all other settings that he felt might be causing the problem but no matter how he configures it we are still seeing the same symptoms.

    Do any of you gurus out there have any ideas as to what we should look at next?

    My ISO does not want us to have to bypass the proxy but no one can work on site with how it is now.

    I'm just at a loss and have no idea what to do next. I do not want to revert back to the previous versions and would like to have things go back to normal using the newer versions.

    It has been a tough month.

    Any ideas that you could provide would be very much appreciated.

  • 2.  RE: Problems using citrix workspace after ProxySG upgrade

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jan 26, 2023 03:00 AM
    Hi @Jeffrey Willis,

    As per your post. I understand you are having a technical issue/question, Related to Symantec ProxySG.
    For better reach, I Request you to post in the ProxySG & Advanced Secure Gateway Community Or Create a technical case

    I hope this helps!​​​​​​

    Ravi Kumar
    Customer Care Community Admin
    Broadcom Software

  • 3.  RE: Problems using citrix workspace after ProxySG upgrade

    Posted Jan 26, 2023 03:58 PM
    Thank you
    I will do that.


  • 4.  RE: Problems using citrix workspace after ProxySG upgrade

    Posted Jan 30, 2023 11:14 AM
    I posted in that forum and it was deleted.  They told me that the moderator of this form should move this post there.

  • 5.  RE: Problems using citrix workspace after ProxySG upgrade

    Posted Mar 26, 2024 01:16 PM


    Did you ever get to the bottom of this? 

    We are experiencing the same issue on multiple accounts since moving to virtual appliances and also VMs hosted on SSP appliances.

    I have noticed that the TCP windows size is much larger than the old appliances. Wondering if this is the cause. I have a change tonight to reduce the TCP Windows size to 262143 bytes. Will see how this goes.