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PGP SEMS Server reports high memory usage

  • 1.  PGP SEMS Server reports high memory usage

    Posted Sep 20, 2022 09:50 PM
    Hi Experts,

    We have recently received an alert from infrastructure team notifying us that the PGP SEMS server has been consuming high memory over period of time.
    We allocated 8GB ram as per recommendation when we upgraded our PGP SEMS to version 10.5.1; we are running 2 nodes sync-ing.

    When we manage to get into the server to run a list of processes that consume high memory, please refer to screenshot.
    We have 8GB free memory but it seems there are some potentially PGP related services which are consuming 7.8 GB.
    We know that it is depending on how busy the SEMS database is, for larger databases (where the backups are 30GBGs or more, it may be good to allocate 24-32GBs of memory to the server. The reason for this is SEMS 10.5 has the ability to allocate memory to the database where it needs it most and this will help speed up all processes and will have better overall improvement.

    Is this normal? If not what's causing this high memory usage? As you can see, there was 1 pgp process that seemed to come and go which used 65% memory allocation. I didn't notice any stationary service such as pgp database that used and hogged memory.

    Kindly advise.