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Issues scanning RMS protected office files - 15.8 DLP

  • 1.  Issues scanning RMS protected office files - 15.8 DLP

    Posted Aug 05, 2022 04:20 AM
    I'm looking for some help with RMS issues. We see large amounts of errors in DaR Scans when scanning Windows fileshares.
    The errors are of the type:
    • Failed to extract content
    • Content extraction timeout occured

    Scanning protected PDF files has been a major pain with all DLP versions, but lately we see errors with all the rest of the office files (word, excel, powerpoint) as well.
    We have re-followed the steps in this article (AD-managed RMS): Enabling Microsoft Rights Management file monitoring (
    We have played around with the servers content extraction parameters (Longtimeout, Shorttimeout, RunawayTimeout ...)
    We have increased the servers CPU and Memory. But nothing really seemed to have an impact.

    I would basically 1. look for hints, how to troubleshoot this and 2. want to understand how in detail the communication between DLP Scanner, DLP Target (Files) and the RMS Server works. 
    Could this be some permission or timing problem? (And why is there never anything useful in terms of technical explanation from Broadcom.)