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  • 1.  Failed to run action: InstallCoreAgentDll

    Posted 26 days ago
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    We have a handful of machines in which the Altiris agent will not install.  It was installed at one point, but since the original install, it was either uninstalled or had an upgrade fail.  I've cleaned the registry, but apparently I've missed something.

    Now when I try to reinstall, the agent produces the following errors in the install logs.

    2022-09-07 20:12:26 P:3736 T:2860 INFO Installer: Randomized name created: AeXPerfCtrs.{71B9FB16-73C6-498F-8572-916AEF3CC0CB}.dll
    2022-09-07 20:12:27 P:3736 T:2860 *ERRR Installer: Action RegisterComDll: error 0xC0000409 returned from executing the command line: regsvr32 /s "C:\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\x86\AeXAgentExt.dll"
    2022-09-07 20:13:12 P:3736 T:2860 *ERRR CoreUtil: Install failed. Error message: Failed to run action: InstallCoreAgentDll
    2022-09-07 20:13:13 P:3736 T:2860 INFO Installer: Core Agent Installation Ended

    Thanks in advance!

  • 2.  RE: Failed to run action: InstallCoreAgentDll

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 26 days ago

    Hi Jeff Stanton!

    What version of Agent You are trying to install?
    What Windows OS is on these affected computers?

    Potential root cause is non existing location (disk) specified or incorrect switch in Agent "Default settings".

    Please make sure that settings are correct

    Best Regards,


  • 3.  RE: Failed to run action: InstallCoreAgentDll

    Posted 25 days ago
    Edited by Jeff Stanton 25 days ago
    Hi Igor, I am trying to install 8.6 RU2 agent manually on the client.  I have verified default settings are blank as seen in your screenshot.  The clients that I have found thus far are 2012 R2 servers.