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  • April 2022 Symantec Endpoint Encryption User Group Meeting

    Hi.  Did you miss us?  We held a virtual user group meeting for Symantec Endpoint Encryption on April 27.  During this meeting, the product management team introduced and demoed the new and enhanced features in the 11.4 release of Symantec Endpoint Encryption, which includes: a modern, centralized web-based management console; a new security dashboard; enhanced reporting; improved user experience; and more.​  

    Please note:  This session focused on Endpoint Encryption, but we will be scheduling a PGP user group meeting soon!

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  • Hi Siva, Following open-vm-tools package is included as part of SEMS and service name is open-vm-tools. Service status can be verified using following command " systemctl status vmtoolsd ". For additional information you can use the command " rpm -qi ...

  • Hello Team, Can anyone help us with below query. As per Below article will see "" Symantec Encryption Management Server 10.5 (PGP Server) and above use native VMware tools, and do not require manual installation.  "". https://knowledge.broadcom.com/external/article/155585/installing-native-vmware-esxesxivsphere.html ...

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  • Posted in: Endpoint Encryption

    Hi everyone, If the PGP version is PGP universal 3.4.2 (Build 1298), does we need to upgrade the PGP to the latest version? Best regards Harsha

  • Posted in: Endpoint Encryption

    I've been told previously that there was no timetable for adding compatibility to Drive Encryption for Linux hosted on UEFI systems. (Which is now nearly all systems.) Has there been any news regarding a timetable for implementing this feature? We ...