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  • April 2022 Symantec Endpoint Encryption User Group Meeting

    Hi.  Did you miss us?  We held a virtual user group meeting for Symantec Endpoint Encryption on April 27.  During this meeting, the product management team introduced and demoed the new and enhanced features in the 11.4 release of Symantec Endpoint Encryption, which includes: a modern, centralized web-based management console; a new security dashboard; enhanced reporting; improved user experience; and more.​  

    Please note:  This session focused on Endpoint Encryption, but we will be scheduling a PGP user group meeting soon!

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  • Hi Siva , Symantec encryption desktop for Windows 11 is supported from 10.5.0 MP3 version onwards even though windows 11 displayed as windows 10 on server UI and will be fixed in future releases. Thanks and regards, Madan On Tue, Sep 13, 2022 at 10:38 ...

  • Hello Team, we can see the system is compatible, however we have upgraded to Windows 11 but in the console it is showing Windows 10.  Can anyone help on the same. https://techdocs.broadcom.com/us/en/symantec-security-software/information-security/symantec-encryption-desktop/10-5/System-Requirements/System-Requirements-for-Symantec-Encryption-Desktop-10-5-for-Windows.html ...

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  • Posted in: Endpoint Encryption

    We have noticed that some users are getting " Trusted Platform Module - Malfunctioned " error (below is the snippet) post installing Symantec Encryption Desktop Application & enrolling the user account. Is this an issue directly related to Symantec Encryption ...

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    Need documents

    Posted in: Endpoint Encryption

    Hello Team, Can any one help me with below mentioned documents. How to migrate Symantec Encryption Desktop to new hardware ? and After successful restoration of the organization Key and configuration data on a new SEMS server. How all the existing ...