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  • IMPORTANT - Your Symantec ABRCA Root Certificate is about to Expire – Action Required

    The root certificate for one or more of your Symantec Network products may be expiring soon. Customers are advised to take action as soon as possible to avoid any system failures. The attached letter will provide instructions on how to update each affected product’s certificate.

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  • Hello Sean, Thank you for your reply. I understand there are no conversion  tools to migrate v3.x setting to v4.x. Are there any documents to be helpful when I will migrate v3.x setting to v4.x  manually ? ------------------------------ Regards, Y.Kobayashi ...

  • Hello Y.Kobayashi, There are no conversion tools available to migrate 3.x policy to 4.x. This is a manual process. Regards, Sean

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    Unresponsive support

    Hi all, We've raised a P3 over 72 hours ago relating to a hardware problem and have had no response to any of our attempts at communicating with Support.  Anyone else had any problems of this kind or have any ideas about how to get a response?  Our account ...

  • Hello, I want to change the appliance SV3800t with SV2800. I would like to know the steps I must make to do that. I found no information about hardware appliances on Broadcom's website and support.  Thank you. ------------------------------ Regards, ...