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  • ITMS & Ghost Office Hours - November

    The Symantec Endpoint Management product team hosted Office Hours on Thursday, November 17, 2022.  During this session, the team presented tips, tricks, and best practices for the Ghost Solution Suite, as well as provide a Q&A session for both ITMS and Ghost customers.  If you missed this event, please click below for the replay link.  

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  • Our technical support team regularly receives inquiries from long-time IT Management Suite (ITMS) customers asking how to change the domain or host name of the computer on which the Notification Server resides. The use case involving customers who ...

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  • They are sorted by the release date (released earlier are installed first). Updates released on the same date are sorted by the internal ID.

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    We would like to invite you to the upcoming Symantec IT Management and Ghost Solution Suite Office Hours on Thursday, November 17, 2022, at 11:00AM United States Eastern Time/8:00AM United States Pacific Time,   Please join the Endpoint Management (EPM) ...

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    Is there a way to specify an organizational group (OG) on installation of the SMA? For CEM agent generation one can specify the OG and that works well however can the same be done with the normal agent. Cheers, Rufus