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  • Hi Tommy, You can use a comma separated list with the -h option. -host (-h) Sets the target Management Server hostname. This could be a comma separated list of multiple servers. EX: sisipsconfig -h "your first managers ip, your second managers ip, ...

  • Hi Jim Thank you. Regards

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    RE: DCS 6.9 schema/data dictionary information

    Hi, You find most of the interesting data in the CSPEVENT table or CSPAGENT_EVENT_VW

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    DCS 6.9 schema/data dictionary information

    New to DCS, we have requirement for creating some custom report/query to pull some information. We were checking if any data ...

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    Hi , I observed that one of servers is getting auto reboot every time I am trying to take its access using a PAM tool. On initial analysis , We observed that server rebooted issue due to a bug check and a Memory dump has been created while trying take ...

  • Dear Experts, Anyone encountered the following message before while running the DCS_Certificate_Utilities_Tool.exe file? May I know what is the root cause?