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  • Replay Recording of May 2024 Encryption Office Hours

    We hosted Office Hours for Symantec Encryption on May 9, 2024.  During this session, the team highlighted the new and enhanced features in the 12.0 release of Symantec Endpoint Encryption (SEE) and the 11.0 release of PGP Encryption.  In addition, we also introduced the new Symantec PGP Encryption Suite. We realize that not everyone could attend the event live, so wanted to provide two options for everyone to watch the replay of the session.  

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  • You can go to the command line and run a --list command and see which roles you have for each key. The subkey id of each key can help you pinpoint which keys have the admin role. The ADK Keypair needs to be in your keyring to manage shares as well. ...

  • Hi Atifah, The best thing for you to do is to reach out to Symantec Encryption Support: We can assist you from there. ------------------------------ Global Support Lead, Encryption BRCM - ...

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    RE: GKM | Security Question

    Hi Ather, There is no method to prompt the user to enter new/different questions. It's likely because we encrypt the ...

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    GKM | Security Question

    Hi, I need to know if we have configured the GKM mode to be used for the encryption and end-user will be prompted for ...

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  • Hi together, hope you can share some insights and thoughts with me? I have a customer that upgraded from 10.5.0 MP2 to 10.5.1 MP2 and experienced an "unknown key" scenario on his fileshare clients Following aspects from my checklist: Update ...