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  • New Symantec Encryption Overview Video

    The product marketing team has created new overview video for Symantec Encryption.  In a Zero Trust world, we must assume that a breach could happen.  Under that scenario, Encryption is the last line of defense to protect your data.

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  • Hi Atifah, If you are seeing any abnormalities, this is something that we would like to work with you on the support side to troubleshoot. If you could submit a support case, we can look into this with you further. ...

  • Hi Henning, Looks like there is a support case on this which is the better route for troubleshooting, and we should continue the discussion thread there :) Thanks! ------------------------------ Global Support Lead, Encryption BRCM ------------ ...

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  • Hi together, hope you can share some insights and thoughts with me? I have a customer that upgraded from 10.5.0 MP2 to 10.5.1 MP2 and experienced an "unknown key" scenario on his fileshare clients Following aspects from my checklist: Update ...