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  • IMPORTANT - Your Symantec ABRCA Root Certificate is about to Expire – Action Required

    The root certificate for one or more of your Symantec Network products may be expiring soon. Customers are advised to take action as soon as possible to avoid any system failures. The attached letter will provide instructions on how to update each affected product’s certificate.

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  • Hi Jacob, Thanks for Reply. Currently, customer have deploy the solutions in explicit mode with PAC file. We have try to bypass the proxy service in bluecoat but customer using FTP 21 with SSL. How to allow this.

  • Hi Anh, The steps in the article will also include moving the policy over from one box to another. If you are hoping to move just the Visual Policy Manager (VPM) policy, the Copying Visual Policy Manager from one Edge SWG (ProxySG) to another can ...

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  • Klaus Klinge's profile image

    RE: Proxy SG version does not show active sessions ...

    Hi Wafi, In view of this feedback, I would say: open a ticket and be nice to share the result with us. Thank you. Best ...

  • Wasfi Bounni's profile image

    RE: Proxy SG version does not show active sessions ...

    Tried it many times now Klaus to sites like,, same result. It ...

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  • If I have an Auth layer on Proxysg that has 100 rules, each similar to the one below: Source=<some_ip> Dest=ANY Action=No Auth Will combining them into a single rule (like the one below) improve proxy performance? Src=<group_object_with_all_IPs> ...

  • Hi Can anyone help with throughput of SSP devices ? SSP-S210-10 SSP-S410-20B SSP-S410-40B