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  • IMPORTANT - Your Symantec ABRCA Root Certificate is about to Expire – Action Required

    The root certificate for one or more of your Symantec Network products may be expiring soon. Customers are advised to take action as soon as possible to avoid any system failures. The attached letter will provide instructions on how to update each affected product’s certificate.

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  • Hello Mathias, thanks for the info, as you mentioned our server has 8 hard disk the last one "slot8" was defected and cause the whole problem, without this disk everything works fine. Thanks and Best Regards Fermín

  • Hi, you can download: https://Proxy-IP:8082/tcp/connections On the Bottom there is a List - e.g.: Summary: total of 249470 connections 246107 connections in CLOSED state 8 connections in LISTEN state 5 connections in SYN_SENT state ...

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  • We have two Blue coat devices (SG 300 and 400 series), both devices are not powering ON, Also, both devices are not in warranty, I know devices were ending of life. The appliance does not boot or display any console output after powering on the appliance. ...

  • Hi FortiProxy from Fortinet has a content analysis AI engine for recognising inappropriate images like pornography. So a google search that reveals such content can have this content stripped off. My question is: Does the Proxy SG have a similar capability? ...