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  • Hi all, We eventually found the cause: CEM connections were not automatically switching back to direct comms when "internal" (i.e. LAN/WAN) routes to the main Altiris server were identified. To rectify this, we had to enable diagnostic mode in the Agent, ...

  • HI all, Quick update to this thread: we ended up revisiting the Agent blockout period options for the affected machines, disabling only package downloads for clients until after hours. The site servers themselves have had their traffic throttled to 128KB/s ...

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    User manuals and security software selection

    I entered the community because I want to download Norton's Ghost Bootable CD Software Operator's Manual, and I was hoping someone ...

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    Profiler Trace commands - trace explanation

    I'm trying to set up a profiler trace on a schedule, but I do not understand the -t <type> parameters': SQL, Code, Partial, ...