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  • Dark Reading Virtual Event Replay

    Watch the Dark Reading and Symantec's Jon DiMaggio panel session for 'Making Cybersecurity Work in a Post-COVID World' 

    Over the past six months, cybersecurity teams have been faced with a dizzying conundrum: how to economically secure enterprise data accessed by a remote workforce and how to manage the influx of new cyberattacks triggered by the pandemic. And in some enterprises, these challenges are compounded by radical shifts in business models and the creation of new pathways for communicating critical and personal information. In this fascinating panel moderated by Dark Reading editors, leading cybersecurity experts discuss the tools, practices and strategies that enterprises can use to improve security in a post-COVID-19 cybersecurity environment.

  • Webinar Replay

    When it comes to solving endpoint challenges, one of the hardest problems is staying up-to-date on the right tools to defend against evolving threats. Harder yet, is unifying them into one seamless solution. For many CISOs, purchase decisions become an endless cycle of weighing costs against critical features and people required to operate them. In the end, there are always trade-offs, and often full protection is not achieved.

    Watch this webinar where our guest speaker and Forrester Senior Analyst Chris Sherman engaged in a lively discussion with Domingo Guerra, Symantec Head of Endpoint Security GTM, and Archana Rajan, Symantec Head of Endpoint Security Product Management. They discussed what’s required for the best endpoint protection today. 

    When you watch this, you will learn more about:

    • The latest trends and challenges of addressing threats and attacks on endpoints
    • What’s necessary to support an at-home workforce in the new post-Covid world and why companies are having a hard time finding and funding it
    • How to evaluate solutions from multiple vendors in the marketplace, while going beyond a feature comparison and taking into account total cost of ownership
    • How avoid compromising cost or performance as you try to build the strongest end-to-end endpoint solution possible


    • Chris Sherman, Senior Analyst, Forrester
    • Domingo Guerra, Head of Endpoint Security GTM, Symantec Enterprise Division
    • Archana Rajan, Head of Endpoint Security Product Management, Symantec Enterprise Division

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