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  • Webinar April 22, 8-9am PDT

    Symantec Identity Security:
    Innovation and Strategy for Your Success

    Presented by: Art Gilliland, SVP and GM of the Symantec Enterprise Division of Broadcom

    Clayton Donley, VP of Symantec Identity Security

    April 22, 8-9am PDT


    • The evolution of digital identity and what that means to your business
    • The move from network trust to micro-perimeters
    • The future of securely connecting identities to applications
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  • The organisation provides the ID to be entered into the verification program, but there is no way to enter that code into VIP Access. It has no input function available to me. I have now deleted the program and am using an alternative. It worked first ...

  • Hi Gavin - The business that advised you to use the VIP Access app needs to assign that credential ID to you within their system. They may also provide you with a self-service portal where you can do it yourself if they're set up to do that. Either way, ...

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