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Extending the Security of Office 365: Advanced Threat Protection 

05-19-2016 05:13 PM

While Microsoft Office 365 is an excellent platform to enhance your productivity through the cloud, Symantec Advanced Threat Protection can augment the security of that platform and protect your organization.

Cyber criminals are moving beyond the PC and targeting the cloud, mobile, IoT and virtual worlds – and organizations need advanced protection to combat these threats. The Symantec 2016 Security Threat Report Vol. 21, found that there were 430 million new unique pieces of malware in 2015, up 36 percent from the year before.

Consider Symantec Advanced Threat Protection -- with the ability to correlate events across email, endpoints and network to detect stealthy and persistent attacks -- augmenting the built-in security of Office 365.

Fight advanced threats with Symantec Advanced Threat Protection

Symantec Advanced Threat Protection, the industry’s first unified solution, detects more threats and prioritizes them faster across multiple control points (network, email, endpoint). It combines Symantec’s global threat intelligence with local intelligence to strengthen protection capabilities, provide better detection, accelerate response times and reduce security-operating costs.

Fight email-based threats rapidly by leveraging these capabilities:

Improve detection with Symantec Cynic

Symantec Cynic is an entirely new cloud-based sandboxing and payload detonation service. It can execute suspicious files in both virtual and “bare metal” environments, to uncover even those “virtual machine-aware” attacks that would evade detection by traditional “virtual-only” sandboxing technologies offered natively by Office 365.

Cynic leverages advanced machine learning-based analysis and combines local customer context with Symantec’s global intelligence to detect sophisticated attacks.

Prioritize critical events

Symantec Synapse is our new cross-control point (email, endpoint, network) correlation engine that prioritizes the most important security events across the organization. This allows analysts to “zero in” on just those events of greatest risk to the organization.

A single console showing all suspicious events across the organization allows you to quickly “drill into” details of an attack, lets you see how all events are related, and search for attack artifacts across control points.

Remediate quickly

Symantec Advanced Threat Protection provides one-click containment and remediation across control points. For example, with a single click, the analyst can: “Remove BAD.EXE from all endpoints, block incoming e-mails containing BAD.EXE, and prevent BAD.EXE from entering via web downloads”. Or, go one step further and totally isolate the compromised machine from your production network.

Symantec Advanced Threat Protection also provides unique visualization of related attack Indicators-of-Compromise (IoCs), with a graphical view of how all IoCs are connected to each other.

Transition to the cloud with confidence

Symantec Advanced Threat Protection helps fill in the security gaps that Office 365 misses. We help enhance the security of Office 365 and most of all, create defenses to help protect your organization and your sensitive data. We help “connect the dots” of various control points to give you higher levels of visibility.

In the first instalment of this series, we covered how Symantec can help build on the email security of Microsoft Office 365. Read the full post here.

Looking for more insights on how Symantec can help?

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