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Jul 29, 2009 12:48 PM

We have recently observed Chinese spammers selling personal account cracking software. This is not a typical pirated software promotion, because it already violates privacy law. The observed email promises to teach and help users to break into others’ accounts such as MSN or Yahoo instant messaging clients accounts, email accounts, and all popular social networking accounts.

Sample Header:

From: false <xxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.xxxxxx>
Subject: ∴帳密破解諮詢∴

Subject: ∴Accounts cracking consultation service∴

imagebrowser image

imagebrowser image

Body Translation:

Professional Accounts cracking consultation service

Services including crack yahoo, msn, email and other social networking online accounts.
Do you want to know how to crack the password?
Do you want to know the internet secrets?
We provide all the service to teach you:
How to remote control other’s computer;
Cracking other’s account password;
Know the history record of other’s computer;

We have the software that guarantees to break the code successfully.
Please contact us by Msn or email accounts as below:

msn: Details Removed
IM: Details Removed
email: Details Removed

If you want to order please provide your personal detail such as:
Name, phone number, address, postal code, email account and so on.


This spammer has specifically reminded the recipients they are not responsible for any legal issues involving illegal intentions with this software or service. However, recipients should be aware of this type of software or service is already a crime and are advised to stay away from it.

Note: My thanks to blog contributor, Danyang Wang.

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