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Chinese Spammers Follow up With Chinese Custom Holidays 

Aug 11, 2010 06:42 PM

We all know spammers follow holidays and news events closely, given that spam volumes always increase before upcoming events. In the Chinese culture there are a lot of holidays based on the lunar calendar and various traditions. The most recent cultural holidays were Father’s Day (August 8) and the upcoming Chinese Valentine’s Day for loving couples is the following Monday (August 16).

We observed many product promotions for these custom holidays last year. They are mainly gift shopping advertisements from different retailers. Product and service promotions for these two holidays have been discovered lately, which doesn’t come as a surprise.
Sample 1: Chinese restaurant promotion
Randomized “From” line with Father’s Day-related “Subject” line, banquet menu list in the body.
From: <Details Removed>
Subject: 父親節感恩宴安排好了嗎?
Subject: Have you made dinner reservation for Father's Day yet?

Body Translation:

[Details Removed] Father’s Day Dinner Menu
Menu lists
Reservation number:[Details Removed]
Restaurant address: [Details Removed]

Sample 2: Replica promotion via Yahoo! group
Randomized “From” line and all links in the body lead to a brand replica promotion site for Chinese Valentine’s day.
From: <Details Removed>
Subject: [<Details Removed>] 名牌商品

Subject: [<Details Removed>] Brand name products

Body Translation:

“Wives ask this for Valentins’s day

Valentins’e day gift for your lover

hurry~get cheap stuff here

limited quantity replicas”


Note: My thanks to blog contributor Frank Kuang.

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