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Jun 13, 2012 10:19 AM


Component definition

This component is a grouping of checkboxes, which can be used for mass answering of yes/no questions. For example, this component could easily be used to respond to a "check all that apply" question.

This component simply provides a means by which to present an array of items to a user and allow that user to select a subset of those items.

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Definition of component input value or values

The input values of this component are either existing process variables, static values, or process model output variables.  The input can be of any datatype.

Data Configuration Item  
Data Type Select the data type of the items that are going to populate the checkboxlist component on your form.
Items This is a variable array of the data type selected in the previous item.  This can also be a piece of a complex data type, as long as that piece is the proper data type.
Selected Items This option is used to set the items that will be selected by default when the form loads.
Always Use Selected Items

If the Selected Items option is configured and this checkbox is selected, any time this form loads, this component will be configured with only the "Selected Items" selected regardless of any further selections or clears made by the user.  The output variable carries the selections made, however.  This only affects the load state of the checkboxlist component, and doesn't affect the variable downstream.  

If this checkbox is left empty and the "Selected Items" section is configured, the checkboxlist component will assume those selected items only on initial load, and only if the Output Data variable hasn't already been configured upstream of this form.  After the data from this form is posted, this component will contain selections made by the user as reflected by the variable state.


Definition of component output value or values

The output data of this component must be initialized by this component, or must match the datatype of a variable already initialized upstream of the form if using an existing variable as output data.

Component settings

This component can be configured with any datatype needed.  The items presented to the user in the CheckBoxList component are either kept or discarded based on what is selected or "checked" on the form.

Use case

A check box list is handy when asking the user to "check all that apply." The data is then posted on your output path.

Example - Software Request, Microsoft Office SubChoices

On a software request form, when Microsoft Office is selected as a requested software item, we can present a checkboxlist component to the user to complete.  The items in this checkboxlist can be the individual software pieces that are optional to an Office installation.  The user can check each item they want installed, and upon submission of the form, the selected items are pushed through as an array and can be handled or evaluated as needed.

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