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Latest Intelligence for March 2016 

Apr 08, 2016 08:58 AM


The Latest Intelligence page has been refreshed through March 2016, providing the most up-to-date analysis of cybersecurity threats, trends, and insights concerning malware, spam, and other potentially harmful business risks. Here are some key takeaways from this latest batch of intelligence.

The spam rate has declined for the second month in a row, dropping 0.3 percentage points from 53.2 percent to 52.9 percent. The Mining sector was the most likely industry to encounter spam in March with 56.2 percent; however, this is 0.8 percentage points lower than February. Spam rates appear to be down across most industries in March, with the exception of the Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing sector and the Services sector, which saw slight increases.

Figure 1. Mining and Construction industries received the most spam emails in March 2016

The number of web attacks blocked per day dropped from 875,000 per day in February to 745,000 per day in March. The most commonly encountered web attack toolkit was Spartan, which was responsible for 26.8 percent of all attacks in March. Angler came in second in March at 18.8 percent, down 2.6 percentage points from 21.4 percent during the month of February.

March saw an average number of 50 mobile malware variants per family, up from 48 in February. This could indicate that attackers are getting more use out of each malware family. For comparison, one new Android malware family was discovered in March.

Figure 2. Android variants reached 50 per family in March

The email malware rate increased slightly in March, where one in 118 emails were considered malicious. This is up from one in 125 in February. Organizations with 251-500 employees were the mostly likely to be targeted by email-based malware, where one in 86 emails were malicious.

The phishing email rate increased in March to one in 1,773 emails. This follows a February period where one in 3,335 emails were phishing emails, the lowest rate seen in the last 12 months. The Finance, Insurance, & Real Estate sector was most likely to see phishing emails in March, where one in 1,210 emails were phishing attempts. In comparison, this industry’s phishing rate was one in 4,129 emails in February.

These are just a few items that stood out during the month. Be sure to check out the Latest Intelligence for March 2016 for more charts, tables, and analysis covering the threat landscape.

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