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Jun 12, 2009 02:08 AM

The IIS Diagnostics Toolkit is a combined release of popular tools used by today's IIS users. In the January 2006 release, we have combined the previous four tools with three more powerful tools aimed at helping solve the spectrum of IIS issues.

  1. Authentication and Access Control Diagnostics 1.0
  2. SSL Diagnostics 1.1
  3. SMTP Diagnostics 1.0
  4. Log Parser 2.2
  5. Trace Diagnostics 1.0
  6. WFetch 1.4
  7. Debug Diagnostics 1.0
Out of which for troubleshooting issues with SEP Manager and IIS Authentication and Access Control Diagnostics 1.0 makes it really simple and organized

To install IIS Diagnostics Toolkit 1.0 (x86) - January 2006, do the following:
  1. Download and save iisdiag.msi to your workstation or server
  2. Double-click on iisdiag.msi and click Next at the IIS Diagnostics Toolkit (x86) Wizard
  3. Accept the terms of the License Agreement (Required)
  4. Accept the default username and organization or change and click Next
  5. Choose the installation type and click next
  6. Click Install

Authentication and Access Control Diagnostics Overview

Authentication and Access Control Diagnostics (AuthDiag) tool designed specifically to troubleshoot authentication and authorization (access control) failures. AuthDiag offers several features to narrow down and isolate the cause of 401.1, 401.3, and some Active Server Pages (ASP) 500 errors.

Security failures caused by invalid credentials or incorrect permissions are often difficult to locate the root cause and with AuthDiag users have a one easy-to-use tool to do all troubleshooting.

AuthDiag does system-level analysis as well as IIS configuration verficiation and detects potential causes of failures. It offers users the ability to Check Authentication, Check Permissions for a user or site path, and Monitor URL Failures (AuthMon). Beyond helping users test all authentication types available in IIS (excluding Microsoft Passport), AuthDiag offers users the ability to monitor requests as they come into the Web server using AuthMon and analyze for failures. AuthMon (as this feature is commonly referred to) logs all data to disk for later retrieval but also allows the user to stop and restart monitoring directly from the User interface.

AuthDiag 1.0 also offers users the opportunity to verify the setup of Service Principal Name (SPN) that are stored in Microsoft Active Directory. Also offered is a verification of User Righs and Privliges versus a built-in list of needed permissions and warns when rights or privliges are not found.

What are its features I can use for Troubleshooting SEPM and IIS issues ?
  1. Ability to test authentication without a browse for all IIS supported authentication types
  2. User interface and command-line permission viewing and checking for user or path
  3. Real-time monitoring (AuthMon) of HTTP authentication and authorization events and logging
  4. Windows User Rights checking based on documented permissions needed for Internet Information Services (IIS).
  5. Windows Security Privilege analysis
  6. Detecting of incorrect credentials for the configured anonymous user
  7. Testing of custom domain account credentials for authentication with analysis of failures

How can it help me resolve IIS and SEPM issues ?
  1. Eliminates the need to looking at un-important events that lead troubleshooting down the wrong path
  2. Quick access to tools needed to correct configuration problems such as IIS Manager and Windows Explorer
  3. Detailed analysis and help system
  4. Supports all versions of IIS running on Windows

What the Requirements to run Authentication and Access Control Diagnostics tool ?

This tool needs access to privilege system and IIS data and requires Windows Administrator privileges. The tool will fail at startup if run on a system by a user without administrator prilvileges.
AuthDiag 1.0 has no support for running the tool from a remote client. It requires adminstrators to directly log on the server, or use a terminal client to access the console.

IIS version to be one amongst:
  1. Internet Information Server 4.0
  2. Internet Information Services 5.0
  3. Internet Information Services 5.1
  4. Internet Information Services 6.0
Link to Download AUTHDIAG:

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Very helpful tool in Java -1 and Unable to communicate with reporting issue..
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