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How a single email can break your Android email app, and what to do about it 

Feb 27, 2015 01:18 PM

Security researcher Hector Marco has discovered how to crash the Android stock email app by sending an email with a malformed header to the target. What’s worse, restarting the app only causes it to crash again as it attempts to download the malicious email. The vulnerability (CVE-2015-1574)—essentially a denial of service attack—prevents employees from accessing their email, a potential nightmare for the enterprise.

It is enterprise IT’s job to ensure employees are not affected by such a bug. Allowing end users to use unapproved apps puts corporate information and users at risk. To solve the problem, IT must give users a secure alternative to the consumer apps they use to store and share content and files, while simultaneously ensuring that mobile users are productive and satisfied with the user experience.

By wrapping 3rd-party productivity apps with a layer of enterprise-grade security that includes encryption, data loss prevention, and secure proxies for the safe transit of data from the corporate network to the apps, IT can ensure security. And because there are no changes to the source code, productivity and native app user experience remain untouched. Essentially, the apps become the foundation for a secure, protected workspace that provides a native app experience for end users.

As a wrapped app, Symantec Work Mail* sidesteps the Android Native Email problem described above. In addition, it enhances productivity and user experience, with

  • Email/Contacts/Calendar in a single app, consistent across supported device platforms
  • Email will sync and receive push notifications when running in the background
  • Enable copy/paste of data and attachments into authorized apps

Symantec™ Work Mail is included in the upcoming release of Symantec Mobility: Workforce Apps, a new offering that enables employees with secure apps for email, web, and content, without introducing security holes.  Workforce Apps offers a comprehensive set of policies for each app and can be managed from a central Mobility Manager console, giving IT a single pane of glass across apps and devices. 


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