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DSSched - Remotely Schedule Deployment Server Jobs 

06-29-2006 04:31 PM

The dssched.exe utility provides the benefit of remotely scheduling any Deployment Server job on any managed machine to run immediately.

By using this utility you can schedule and run jobs from scripts located on other machines, from separate management Consoles such as Dell OpenManage ITA, or through the Altiris Helpdesk Automation Rules and Microsoft Operations Manager.

What is the difference between AxSched.exe and DSSched.exe?

AxSched.exe is shipped with Deployment Solution and is officially supported. It allows you to schedule Deployment Server. AxSched.exe must be executed on the same machine which Deployment Solution is installed. DSSched.exe works like AxSched.exe, however DSSched.exe can be executed remotely.

Note: It is important to note that it is not currently an officially suppported utility of Deployment Solution. The Altiris Administrative SDK (ASDK) now includes Deployment Solution functionality and examples. DSSched.exe was created before the ASDK supported Deployment Solution.

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07-14-2017 06:36 PM

It looks like I should be able to schedule job and run it immediatelly using the /now switch with DSSched.exe

Does anyone know if there is a switch to run a job immediatelly using AxSched.exe?

06-18-2008 07:19 PM

We needed a fast solution to our problem with DSSCHED, so we switched to use the Buit-in Altiris program "AxSched" instead and it works great.

06-13-2008 08:54 AM

I upgraded C:\Altiris with the Axdsdm.dll file from the DS 6.9 eXpress Share, and now i get this error:
Error: Scheduling Job The located assembly's manifest definition with name 'AxDsDm' does not match the assembly reference.--
The AxDsDm.dll is version 1.0.2965.20033
Any help ?

06-13-2008 08:16 AM

We have upgraded from DS 6.5 and SQL 2000 to DS 6.9 and SQL 2005, and now we get the following error when using DSSCHED.EXE:
"Error: Could not identify Computer: 000pmape001 in Deployment Server: 000saltirisds01"
I'm pretty sure that i have the same security on the new DS server and the new SQL server (although i think the problem is some missing access to the eXpress database).
We use this great utility a lot, so any help would be appreciated.

05-29-2008 09:34 AM

Can you confirm that DSSCHED.EXE works on version 6.8? All I seem to get is "Could Not Locate The Computer: ******, in the group: ________"
It doesn't even give anything for the group name. Kinda weird I tried putting any a wrong password and same message, so maybe it is not even connecting successfully.
Any ideas?
Ryan Farquhar

03-10-2008 03:26 PM

When you installed Deployment Server, which port did you specify as the port which the DataManager service should use?

03-10-2008 03:24 PM

sfaucher - that is correct axsched.exe is included in deployment server and is a supported tool from Altiris. The main feature that axsched.exe does not have which dssched.exe provides is the ability to schedule jobs from systems other than the deployment server. (Axsched must be executed on the deployment server, whereas Dssched can be executed from any system on your network).

03-10-2008 03:21 PM

This tool has been updated to support security if security is enabled in DS.

08-15-2007 05:37 AM

This is exactly the tool I am looking for but when I try to run it I get the following error:
Error: Scheduling Job The remote server returned an error: (407) Proxy Authentication Required.--
Can you help me fix the problem.

06-18-2007 02:05 PM

I actually answered my own question by taking a look at the 6.8 eXpress share. There is a command line utility now included call axsched.exe which can remotely schedule jobs and includes more arguments to handle security etc. It's documented in the DS reference guide.

06-18-2007 11:48 AM

I am also interested in how to use this with Deployment Console security. Any ideas?

06-15-2007 12:11 PM

Is it possible to specify a DS security login with this tool (or possibly an updated version)? With role based security turned on it just returns an error saying authentication required.

11-14-2006 10:59 AM

Even if this is a not currently an officially recognized feature, I use with perfect results!

07-12-2006 08:43 PM

I can see where this can be invaluable with Helpdesk Solution. It will allow me to run DS jobs by kicking off Automation jobs.
I will be recommending this to many admins that don't want to give Deployment Server rights to level 1 users but still need DS functionality.

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