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Copy Data Element to New Location 

Jun 13, 2012 09:45 AM

Component definition

This component copies the value in one variable and stores it in a second variable of the same type.

Component icon

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Definition of component input value or values

Input Value Name Input Value Data Type Req'd Example Format Explanation
Data Type Type Yes Date (Date Time), Text The type of data to copy. Once this is set, the remaining parameters will become available. The list of variables available for the input and output will be filtered to only show those of this type.
Is Array Boolean Yes   Check this box if the variable to copy is an array. As with datatype, only variables that are arrays can be selected for the input and output if this is checked.
Deep Copy Boolean No   This is only available if "Is Array" is checked. If this is also checked then the new array will get a copy of each of the elements in the source array. If not, then both arrays will reference the same elements.
Data From Variable Name String Yes SourceVariable This is the name of the variable that contains the data to copy. It must be of the type identified in "Data Type" and "Is Array".
Assign To Variable Name String Yes DestVariable This is the name of the variable that will receive the copy. It must be of the type identified in "Data Type" and "Is Array". If the variable doesn't already exist, it will be created.

Definition of component output value or values

Adds the a new variable to the process flow using the name set in "Assign To Variable Name" if it is not already defined.

Connection information


Component settings


Use case

Determine if a Script has been Rerun

One way to use this component would be to determine if a script file has been run again since the last time it was checked and to find the oldest run if it was. In this case, there is an xml file that lists the dates and times that a script has been run but not necessarily in date order.

In the image below:

  • A maxDate variable is initialized using this component (here called Init maxDataDate) from the last date checked.
  • The component is used again in "Copy updateDate to MaxDate" to store the highest date seen so far.
  • It is used a third time in "Copy ID to selectedID" to store an identifier associated with each run so that the one matching the latest date seen can be retrieved.

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