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Jun 13, 2012 10:20 AM

Component definition

This component builds a list from the data that is input, and presents it alongside action links.  There are output paths for each link outcome added to the component.

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Definition of component input value or values

Input values
Input value name Input value data type Example format
Data Type (Any Valid Data Type) Key Value Pair
Items (Of the Selected Data Type)  


Definition of component output value or values

Output values
Output value name Output value data type Example format
Selected Item Variable (Of the Selected Data Type)  

Connection information

There are no configurable connection controls for this component.

Component settings

Component settings
Setting name Setting data type Notes
Outcomes Key Value Pair (Fixed) "Path Name" is the outcome path of the Form component, "Text" is the text of the link on the live form
Use Whole Item as Outcome Link Logical (True/False) This overrides any Outcomes configured and sets the entire row up as a link
Auto Format Outcomes Logical (True/False) This setting automatically situates any links in the List Select table on the live form.  If this is not selected, the outcome links should be added to the "Item Format" section.
Item Format Merge Text This section is used to configure the layout of the List Select component, including input data and outcome links, as well as static text and any data stream variables.
Items Padding Number (Integer) The padding between items, as an integer pixel value.
Use Decision Model Logical (True/False) This option allows for embedded evaluations to occur against each row's data.  This can be used to calculate data per row or create a URL from the row's data.
Link Custom Events Key Value Pair (Fixed) This section allows for javascript events to be created specifically for the link child elements of this component.
Custom Events Key Value Pair (Fixed) This section allows for javascript events to be created for the List Select component itself.


Note that in order to set outcome path requirements on a ListSelect component, you must right-click and configure the requirements through the context menu.

Use case

ListSelect as a Grid Replacement authored a compelling article here on the benefits of ListSelect components as a replacement for Grid components.

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