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Now Available: Symantec VIP – Secure Consumer Access 

12-15-2015 02:00 AM

Many of the business-to-consumer (B2C) companies want to apply stronger levels of security to consumer-facing websites and mobile apps, but many don’t feel they can because of upfront cost, support concerns, and impact to the user experience. Fortunately, your company can now enjoy secure, simple, strong authentication to your website or mobile app using Symantec VIP two-factor authentication (2FA) technology.


Figure 1: Symantec VIP authentication workflow: seamless user experience


For your mobile app, VIP enables you to secure it using the new Symantec VIP Credential Development Kit (CDK) through which users can utilize the mobile device itself as a strong authentication factor. Using the CDK, VIP can securely authenticate a user without additional intricacies that detract from the user experience. VIP also detects mobile threats such as jailbroken iOS or rooted Android devices, attempts to reverse engineer apps, and malware. So you can rest assured from mobile threats.

For your web application, VIP can be integrated with your web app through well-documented backend APIs. So you can fortify front door security with strong authentication that’s as easy as a touch of your finger. VIP can also intelligently secure online transactions or high-risk actions such as money transfers, stock exchanges, or password resets through our risk analysis engine which triggers two factor authentication based on user, device, and location factors, thus protecting against malicious attacks.

VIP provides the seamless user experience and trusted security that your customers will love. And with Symantec, your consumers can enjoy secure access anytime, anywhere, from any device.  More information, please visit:

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