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SMB2 Toggle Too - from Mike's Tool Set 

Nov 16, 2010 05:47 PM

So...way back in July of 2010 we started seeing an issue with Windows 7 machines having trouble copying files up to various Windows Server 2008 machines. While at our location the number of machines that exhibited the trouble was small...it was enough that we started to do some research as to what was going on. What we found was that there was a conflict between the SMB2 protocol and the Teefer2.sys driver...and that the only way to "resolve" the issue was to disable the SEP NTP module. (Less than optimum solution in our eyes). Well as it turns out the problem could be "resolved" on the other end by disabling SMB2 on a client machine. Thanks to an article found by ETH0 and posted HERE in the forums, this utility was developed.

What my utility does is very simple...when launched it will detect if SMB2 is in use, if so it detects the state of the mrxsmb20 service as either RUNNING or STOPPED, and will then either enable or disable the protocol based of the current state. In other words, if SMB2 is running the SMB2 Toggle will disable it and reboot the machine, if SMB2 is NOT running, the SMB2 Toggle will enable it and reboot the machine. The screen shot below is from my Windows 7 machine...it shows that SMB2 is disabled and if I choose to continue, it will enable SMB2 and reboot the machine. Make sense?

The utility does nothing more than what is suggested in the article posted by ETH0. So far it seems to be working for us, but like ANY utility posted here...your mileage may vary and ALWAYS test on NON-production machines first.

My last suggestion is to somehow keep track of which machines you run this on so that in the future, when the bug has been fixed, you can re-enable SMB2.

The last word I got from Symantec was that a new Teefer2.sys driver is due in the spring and that it should not be affected by the SMB2 issue.

I hope someone finds this utility useful.


P.S. This is not for XP or older OSes...it is for Vista, Win7, Server 2008 and possibly future OSes that support the SMB2 protocol.

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