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software reboot proxy sg

  • 1.  software reboot proxy sg

    Posted Aug 09, 2021 01:51 AM
    hi i need help,

    we just upgrade our proxy to
    but after 1 week our proxy have issue auto software reboot after couple minutes.
    after i check the sysinfo here are the output

    Running Version: SGOS, Release id: 258930
    Size on disk is 294210048 bytes.

    Minicontext produced on: 2021
    Minicontext version: 1.5
    ProxySG Appliance: Version
    Architecture: x86_64
    Kernel: Multiprocessor
    System image flags: Customer, Optimized, Non-GDB, 64-bit

    Hardware exception code: 0x0
    Software exception code: 0x40006
    Page fault linear address: 0x0
    Process group: "PG_OBJECT_STORE"
    Process: "CEA Cache Administrator" in "" at .text+0x0

    have any body have this case too or suggestion ?
    and i need to know the means of software exception code 0x40006
    and process means CEA Cache Administrator