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  • 1.  Problems with Renewing Symantec Endpoint Protection

    Posted May 29, 2020 08:19 PM

    My organization, a nonprofit, has been a longtime customer of Symantec security software and being using Symantec Endpoint Protection since 2002 when it was called Norton AnitVirus Corporate Edition 7.x. After more than a few months our reseller was able to obtain a quote for our renewal of Symantec Endpoint Protection which is due shortly and have the following problems and questions:


    1. No Renewals and Must Purchase New Licenses Annually. Our reseller was told that Broadcom is "no longer providing traditional renewals" and we must "purchase new subscription-based licenses year to year." In other words, our renewal costs after being an 18-year customer of Symantec is now the same as a new customer. I can't believe Broadcom is doing this and hopefully, the Broadcom employee dealing with our reseller was mistaken. Is this correct?
    2. Doubling of Cost. As a nonprofit, our budget is extremely tight and I had our reseller obtained a quote late last year from Broadcom/Symantec for this year's renewal which is half of the current quote. Did Broadcom double the licensing costs of Symantec Endpoint Protection in just 6 months? We can't afford this unacceptable increase in our budget and we don't have time to switch to a different security suite before our renewal is due. Please tell me that was another mistake.
    3. Part Number for Nonprofit. As a nonprofit, our reseller was given the part number of SEP-NEW-S-<Quantity>-500-1Y for our "renewal" of a new annual subscription. Can someone confirm that this was the correct part number? Hopefully, we were given the wrong part number and the correct part number will be priced more reasonably.


    I would like to see my nonprofit still use Symantec Endpoint Protection because I consider it the best and the amount of time required to recreate custom security rules with a different product, but if these above are correct then we will be forced to switch to a competitor.


    Can a Broadcom employee address the above problems and questions?




  • 2.  RE: Problems with Renewing Symantec Endpoint Protection

    Posted May 30, 2020 01:15 AM
    Hi Scott,

    It's same with us also. Broadcom is offering fresh quote for the renewals account as price is more than 100% increase when we used to get quote from Symantec.

  • 3.  RE: Problems with Renewing Symantec Endpoint Protection

    Posted May 30, 2020 04:22 AM

    As you may already have noticed I posted a similar question yesterday Post.

    We are a IT consulting company recommending and implementing SEP since 2003 for our customers. After we offered the first "new renewal" to one of our customers they asked us for options to use a different product.

    I expect similar with our other customers as well. Not a big deal for Broadcom I think because our customers all mostly midsized companies with about 2000 licenses altogehter. Seems that Broadcom is not interested in that kind of customers.