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Brief overview of Symantec Ghost and Norton Ghost versions

  • 1.  Brief overview of Symantec Ghost and Norton Ghost versions

    Posted Mar 11, 2008 06:43 AM
    Corporate Edition
    Symantec Ghost 8.0 Corporate Edition (Ghost 8.0, Build 984) - October 2003
    Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 1.0 (Ghost 8.2, Build 1117) - November 2004
    Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 1.1 (Ghost 8.3, Build 1331) - December 2005
    Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 2.0 (Ghost 11, Build 1502) - December 2006
    Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 2.0.1 (LiveUpdate, Ghost 11.0.1 Build 1533) - April 2007
    Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 2.0.2 (LiveUpdate, Ghost 11.0.2 Build 1573)- January 2008
    Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 2.5 (Ghost 11.5, Build 2113) - May 2008
    Consumer Edition
    Norton Ghost 2003 = (uses Ghost 8.0) - August 2002
    Norton Ghost 9.0 - August 2004
    Norton Ghost 10.0 - September 2005
    Norton Save & Restore - February 2006
    Norton Ghost 12.0 - February 2007
    Norton Ghost 14.0 - February 2008
    Symantec Ghost and Norton Ghost are two separate product lines based around different technologies developed by different teams. Please note this forum is intended for the Symantec Ghost Solution Suite product line. For Symantec consumer products, the Norton forums can be found here.

    Symantec Ghost Solution Suite has been designed to centrally manage the cloning and deployment of computers within a corporate environment. Norton Ghost is intended for the back-up (disks, files, folders) and recovery of computers for the individual consumer.
    Symantec Ghost uses the 'classic' Ghost cloning engine whereas Norton Ghost 9.0, 10.0, 12.0 and 14.0 editions use technologies from Backup Exec System Recovery (formerly LiveState System Recovery). Norton Ghost 2003 used a similar cloning engine to Symantec Ghost Corporate Edition 8.0.
    For a list of features and capabilities of Symantec Ghost Solution Suite and Norton Ghost please visit
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  • 2.  RE: Brief overview of Symantec Ghost and Norton Ghost versions

    Posted May 07, 2009 01:28 PM
    After running a Full Managed Backup.
    I get following error on Norton Ghost 14.0. 4.30.30167:

    Error EC8F17B7: Cannot create recovery points for job: Drive Backup of (C:\) MASTER2007. Error E7D1001F: Unable to write to file. Error EBAB03F1: The process cannot access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file.
    Details: 0xE7D1001F
    Source: Norton Ghost

    This error is consistent when writing to the external USB Rosewill R2-JBOD USB 2.0 DUAL-BAY 1.5GB box.

    I get this error only when I send the file to a 1.5TB Seagate ST315003 41AS USB devise.
    Another USB devise 250GB Seagate ST325082 4A USB devise does not have this problem.

    I read everything you had online about this problem, but nothing helped or explained the problem. Actually I believe wrote that Symantec could not reproduce the problem.

    So therefore I will attempt to explain the difference between the two drive, and let Symantec pinpoint and correct the problem.

    The error occurs right towards the very end of the backup (just a few seconds before it is finished)

    ST325082 4A USB devise is in a AMS VENUS DS-2316B2BK Internal Interface: IDE

    ST315003 41AS USB devise is in a Rosewill R2-JBOD USB 2.0 DUAL-BAY Internal Interface: SATA I/II Support Mode: JBOD/BIG (setting is in JBOD (only one HD in box))

    Windows XP Pro Version 2002 Build 2600 Service Pack 3
    CPU Intel Quad Core Q6600
    RAM 2GB
    Administrator Group

    Drives and backup destinations:
    (C:\) to [Removable Backup]\master_2007\Ghost Backup\C_Drive003.v2i

    Start a new recovery point set (base):
    The first time the backup is run in a new quarter

    Scheduled backup time:
    No schedule

    Event triggers:
    [ ] Any user logs on to the computer
    [ ] Any user logs off from the computer (Not at Shutdown or Restart)
    [ ] Application is installed
    [ ] Application is launched
    [ ] Data added to the drive exceeds:

    Backup name: Drive Backup of (C:\)
    Compression level: High
    [ ] Verify recovery points after creation
    Recovery point set limit: 3
    [ ] Search engine support
    [X] Prepend computer name to backup data file names
    [ ] Save backup files to a unique subfolder
    Description: None

    Advanced options:
    [ ] Use password
    Encryption level: None
    Max file size: None
    [X] Ignore bad sectors during copy
    [ ] Disable SmartSector copying
    [ ] Perform full VSS backup

    Command files:
    Before data capture: None
    After data capture: None
    After recovery point creation: None

    Offsite Copy:

    Restore Anyware is not enabled for this recovery point.

    Please note the difference on the 2 external devices one has JBOD / BIG and the other one does not have that.
    Could that be the problem? And what is the solution / work-around?