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Changing the Domain or Host Name of an ITMS Notification Server

  • 1.  Changing the Domain or Host Name of an ITMS Notification Server

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Oct 14, 2021 02:28 PM
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    Our technical support team regularly receives inquiries from long-time IT Management Suite (ITMS) customers asking how to change the domain or host name of the computer on which the Notification Server resides.

    The use case involving customers who want to change the domain of the Notification Server often involves situations in which a customer acquires another organization, initially sets up a Notification Server on the domain used by that organization and later wants to move the Notification Server and devices of the acquired organization to the domain used by the acquiring organization.

    The use case involving changing the host name is encountered in situations when a customer wants to migrate the Notification Server to new hardware as part of the process of upgrading to a new version of ITMS.  In such situations, there are utilities available to assist customers in migrating data and settings from the computer that previously hosted the Notification Server to the computer that will host the new Notification Server.  Even if the new Notification Server is part of the same domain as the previous Notification Server, there will be a need to update several settings if the new Notification Server will use a different name than the previous Notification Server.

    The Symantec Management Platform (SMP) infrastructure on which ITMS is built is a complex system with many interrelated components.  Each infrastructure will have at least one Notification Server.  Larger organizations often use multiple Notification Servers arranged in a hierarchy for scalability purposes.  The SMP also generally includes site servers, the Symantec Management Agent, a Software Library and an associated instance of Active Directory.  It may also include a Workflow server and associated instance of IT Analytics.

    In cases where the computer hosting the Notification Server moves from one domain to another or the host name of the Notification Server changes, the relationships between the Notification Server and other components of the infrastructure must be re-defined in order for the entire infrastructure to remain fully functional.

    Many customers understand how to update the configuration settings used by the Symantec Management Agent so that it can communicate with a new Notification Server, but relatively few customers know how or where to change the settings required to re-define the relationship between the Notification Server and all of the other various components of the Symantec Management Platform.

    In order to assist customers with the process of changing the domain or host name of the computer on which the Notification Server resides, our engineering, technical support and information development teams have created a document that explains all of the steps in the process.  You can find the document attached to this post.

    If you have a need to change the domain or host name of a Notification Server in your organization, this document will provide you with valuable guidance.

    Mike Grueber
    Product Management
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