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Solution for 3rd party software install of SES failing when end user is logged in

  • 1.  Solution for 3rd party software install of SES failing when end user is logged in

    Posted 05-24-2021 11:36 AM

    We found the following solution for when SES install fails when an end user is logged in when deploying through 3rd party software tools:


    3rd Party Software Distribution Tools Fail to Install Symantec Endpoint Security When an End User Is Logged In


    Description of Issue:

    You are using a software distribution platform to roll out Symantec Endpoint Security (SES) and find that when end users are logged in, the install does not complete successfully.  Install is successful when end users are not logged onto any sessions


    -Review of the \ProgramData\Symantec\FSD\FSDLauncher<timestamp>.log on an endpoint shows the following line:

                    <timestamp> : Information : Restart FSD under interactive user session


    -Your end users do not have admin rights to the Windows endpoint


    -You have already reviewed the command-line switches document for installing SES and are using /SILENT and or /UNATTENDED switches:




    There are additional switches that modern 3rd party software distribution tools can process and that our installation package recognizes that aren't in the command-line switches document linked in the above section.  If you encounter the above behavior, use these switches in your installation package:




    Broadcom does have documentation on these switches however it is labeled as being for Microsoft Intune.  These switches are able to be performed by other 3rd party distribution tools:



    Internal Notes:

    Confirmed to resolve issues with Kaseya KDSU deployment software

    Rob Trimble
    TechData Support Services