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  • 1.  Inventorying ESXi Host

    Posted Jan 26, 2022 02:20 PM
    Hello everyone.  We have long been seeking a way to do a very basic inventory of ESXi hosts.  We've discussed doing network scans, but we have been told by various consultants to NOT do a network scan since we are doing AD imports and that data could convolute what is in the database.

    Two questions:
    1. How are other customers handling inventory of the ESXi host devices (make, model, serial - at a minimum...but RAM, HDD, PROC would be nice)
    2. Have there been any discussions regarding developing a client that can be loaded on the ESXi hosts to gather this information?

    I am hoping we are missing something ****, but I AM curious what others are doing.


  • 2.  RE: Inventorying ESXi Host

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jan 26, 2022 02:45 PM


    You can try to use a VMM solution from ITMS to discover and inventory required hosts

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