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  • 1.  Fw: Broadcom support

    Posted Oct 23, 2020 01:05 AM
    Dear Broadcom support,

    We would liike to check with 3 years subscription licenses x (4) PGP, but how can we get access to purchase (need create id for activation with link?), one more we are using offline internet with manual authorization, any quotation,  e-form we would like to approve and go purchase soon?

    we are looking forward to receiving your update

    Best Rgds,
    Alan Fong  

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    From:        CL Chow/HKMC
    To:        Alan WL Fong - IT/HKMC@HKMC,
    Date:        21/10/2020 16:19
    Subject:        Re: Fw: Broadcom support

    Hi Alan,

    We are going to purchase it, so we don't have license.


    From:        Alan WL Fong - IT/HKMC
    To:        CL Chow/HKMC@HKMC,
    Date:        21/10/2020 03:09 PM
    Subject:        Fw: Broadcom support

    Dear Lok,

    Can i have more information for details, would like to check and test offline and internet mode ? vendor, link , license key , id, doc if u can provide it

    Appreciate your help

    Alan Fong
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    From:        Alan WL Fong - IT/HKMC
    To:        CL Chow/HKMC@HKMC,
    Date:        10/19/2020 02:29 PM
    Subject:        Fw: Broadcom support

    Hi Lok,

    for u info we would like to discuss the matter Subscription License 3 Years, also some details from software

    Alan Fong

    ----- Forwarded by Alan WL Fong - IT/HKMC on 10/19/2020 02:24 PM -----

    From:        Alan WL Fong - IT/HKMC
    To:        Henry YF So/HKMC@HKMC,
    Date:        10/19/2020 02:18 PM
    Subject:        Fw: Broadcom support

    offline registration

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    From:        CL Chow/HKMC
    To:        Henry YF So/HKMC@HKMC, Alan WL Fong - IT/HKMC@HKMC,
    Date:        10/19/2020 11:50 AM
    Subject:        Broadcom support

    Can anyone help to check with Broadcom support about the "Desktop Email Encryption Powered by PGP Technology, Subscription License 3 Years" if it needs internet connection when use.


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