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CAS Upgrade did not work

  • 1.  CAS Upgrade did not work

    Posted Apr 21, 2022 09:36 AM
    I tested to upgraded my customer appliance which has an S400-A3 CAS with software to the latest version but it fails.
    After uploaded the new version image .bcsi I click reboot the appliance. It has rebooted 2 times. I saw in log file that the upgrade succeed and after that a downgrade have been done (why it has rebooted 2 times). So I retry to reboot, this time the appliance booted on the correct version but some settings like reporter and timezone (the only that I looked) disappear. I try to upload my backed up configuration file, and the appliance rebooted without permission and booted with the previous version

    Opened a case and got this response:

    We have a Bug that prevents the Upgrade to work properly in versions 3.1.X, 

    Also the settings backup are intended to be restored in the same version from where they were taken, not in a different version of the CAS.

    Version is available which is recommended to upgrade to, if the issue is encountered again our recommendation is to perform a Reset to Factory Defaults in the new version and set up the configuration of the CAS manually. 

     Use method 2 of the link to restore the appliance to factory defaults,

    Please let us know if you have any other questions that we could answer for you. 

    Attentive to your response

    Of course I will not upgrade to I do not trust that is a stable release.

    So be carefull guys.

    Tested the 20th April 2022