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Data Partition for Group Member and Update a Call Request does not work

  • 1.  Data Partition for Group Member and Update a Call Request does not work

    Posted Feb 02, 2021 08:23 AM

    I have tested it ootb for SDM17.1 and SDM17.3.

    But it seems, that the Data Partition with the query
    group.[group]group_list.member IN (
    does not work for the Data Partition Rule "Update".

    It just works for the "Pre-Update".

    What I want to do ist, that the user can just save updates to the ticket, if the user is in the group which is specified in the Incident.
    (So the Pre-Update is not sufficient for my use case)

    I setup this scenario:

    - Role: "Level 2 Analyst" with Data Partition "Service Desk Analyst"
    - Add the Data Partition Constraint to the Service Desk Analyst Data Partition
    • Type: Update
    • Table: Call_req
    • Constraint: group.[group]group_list.member IN (

    - Create a group "Test Group 1" and add my contact "ServiceDesk" to this group

    - Login with ServiceDesk (Role: Administrator) and create an Incident specified with this group "Test Group 1"

    - Change the role from ServiceDesk to "Service Desk Analyst"
    - if I now edit the ticket, and leave the group "Test Group 1" I cannot save the ticket. But I would expect, that the Data Partition would be true.

    Am I missing something?

    I rechecked with the Data Partition Rule "Pre-Update".
    If I configure this one with the same query, I can just set the ticket to edit mode, if I am in the group. That works as expected.

    Why is the Update Constraint not working? Is this a bug?
    Do anyone experience this behaviour as well?

    Thanks for any hint