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  • 1.  support for ICAP

    Posted Nov 11, 2021 10:47 AM
    We have a tried out the ICAP support with Network Prevent for Web and I have a few questions

    1. I am using the ICAP service name "reqmod" but I have found it does not matter what I enter for the service name, it always connects.  Is this correct?

    2. We are seeing the following entries in the WebPrevent_Operational log after send a request:

        04/Nov/21:08:36:32:759-0400 [INFO] (ICAP_CONNECTION.1201) Connection (cid=274) opened from host(
        04/Nov/21:08:36:32:759-0400 [INFO] (ICAP_CONNECTION.1203) Connection stat: REQMOD=0, RESPMOD=0, OPTIONS=0, OTHERS=2.

        A request mod was sent why is it showing REQMOD=0 and OTHERS=2?

    3.   A 200 response code does not necessarily mean success.  The body needs to be parsed to determine the results.  Is this true?