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MacOS agent and web traffic

  • 1.  MacOS agent and web traffic

    Posted Nov 18, 2021 10:31 AM
    Maybe someone can explain this to me because I'm failing to grasp the point of the requirements. When I install the mac agents, the Enforce servers shows that the Firefox and Chrome extensions are not deployed, which is correct because the group responsible for deploying it hasn't figured it out yet.

    But this is where I fail to understand what the Mac agent actually sees. Because if I go into the global application monitoring section and go to Chrome (Mac) or Firefox (Mac) or even Safari, I see that http and ftp monitoring is only supported on Windows.

    What is the point of having browser extensions for the Mac agents when the agent cannot monitor web traffic?

    I feel like I'm missing something important here. Is it possible that https traffic is monitored by default? I can't find anything to support that guess, so I'm kind of doubting that.

    The only monitoring options for browsers on the Mac are removable storage and copy to network share. I just don't see what the Mac agent would trigger on.