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JASON LINDSEY posted Apr 23, 2021 12:48 PM

I currently have SEP running through Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager and I am curious about deploying the Symantec EDR to coexist with SEP.  Would there be any way to demo or trial EDR at all?  I am looking at what the cloud deployment can offer in comparison to the onprem solution but it would be nice to trial it to see what it's all about before actually committing to a purchase. 

If there is no way to demo or trial EDR, what would be the best approach to getting my questions answered and to actually see how EDR functions?

Any information is appreciated! 

Thank you,
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Broadcom Employee SteveGSYMC Best Answer
Hi Jason - the process to access trials can vary, but generally you would need to reach out to your reseller and have them connect with their Broadcom team to request a trial on your behalf.

Regarding comparisons, cloud and on-prem EDR features sets are at near-parity. On-prem does require an EDR appliance (virtual or physical appliance) and therefore requires an architecture cost. Cloud Endpoint Security and EDR requires no infrastructure - the endpoint only needs to be enrolled into cloud and an EDR policy applied.

If you have any specific questions, happy to try and answer those here.

Also, Symantec's YouTube channel is still quite active. Recommend you browse through there where you can find several short demos/overviews of both EDR as well as the cloud (Endpoint Security) manager: https://www.youtube.com/user/symantec/videos
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Lehrer, Damien Lehrer, Damien
I have 50 Symantec Endpoint Security Complete licenses and am trying to download the EDR virtual appliance. I cannot find this in my entitlements.
Where do I find this??

Damien Lehrer