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 How to verify memory usage in command line

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Bigfish posted Sep 21, 2021 12:57 AM
My appliance have 32G memory and I see it nearly full usage. I want to know what process is use high memory ? 

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Broadcom Employee Thomas Anderson
Take a  look at the "monitor" command.    It's pretty limited, but might be helpful/useful.
Another approach is to enable the "support" account (via the "set-support" command).
This will give you access to the tools you are probably used to for this kind of thing (top, ps, lsof, lsmem, etc.)
Just be careful to disable ("set-support -d") the support account when you are done.
It will disable itself over time, but its better/safer to do it yourself immediately after you are done).

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Broadcom Employee Art_P
Following up on what Tom said, viewing memory usage, especially through Hosts, is not straightforward. Please see the following link for more helpful information on memory:
Symantec Messaging Gateway memory usage and memory free do not match total memory