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 re installation of PGP Desktop

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Ronald Dietz posted Apr 22, 2021 11:53 PM
I chose this area to post because it is the closes to my issue. I have a perpetual PGP desktop license that I purchased in 2014. My computer motherboard recently failed and I have replaced it with with a new one. I have also done a new clean installation of windows 10. This requires a re installation of PGP Desktop. However when I attempt to do so, if fails. I have tried both using the license key and the license authorization number. Both fail. No reason is given for the license key failure. When I try the license authorization number, it says it is not formatted properly. No information is given on how it should be formatted. it appears that after all this time there is no proper internet connection to verify the product key. Broadcom Tech support can not help me. Any suggestions would be appreciated.