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 Can i block ip addresses with Unified Agent

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Gurcan Gurkas posted Jan 13, 2022 12:19 PM
Hello everyone,

I have a **** question
Can i block ip addresses or subnets with Unified Agent ?
I looked at the docs but i dont find anything about aforementioned topic, is it possible to do this ? 
Additionally, i tried in my test environment but it didn't work
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Sakkarin Pichetskul
Hi Gurcan,

I don't sure you meaning the Unified agent that management by the ProxySG or not?
If yes, In the Unified Agent can setting only the URL category to allow/block/warn with or without user/group and work with HTTP/HTTPS protocol only.
(I don't sure work with FTP or FTPS or not)
So, if you need block some destination category, you can only setting in the Local Category that can defining on the ProxySG and setting the Clients Web Filtering policy(Unified Agent Policy) to block them.

Hope this help.

Thank you and BR
Sakkarin Pichetskul