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 SEP Mobile/SES Provisioning

posted 11-13-2020 07:54 AM
Hi all,

SEP Mobile was originally sold as a standalone solution.  At the time, a provisioning form was required to confirm the partner, administrator and other details.
The location of the cloud tenant was one such detail.  The option was for the US or Europe.

As SEP Mobile is now included in SES, there is no provisioning form required (?).
If a customer wants to use SEP Mobile, from a specific geo (US or EU), with a SES licence, how can they make this request?

We currently have a situation where the customer had a trial of SEP Mobile with a requirement for an EU datacentre.
They have now purchased their full SES licence (new deployment) and it seems that the new SEP Mobile tenant is based in the US!
Please advise what our options are...

Thanks in advance.

=====UPDATE 18/11/20=====
The customer's SEP Mobile tenant has now been moved to the EU datacentre.
This was done with the help of the product management team in EMEA and the US.

If anyone is aware, can you please advise how to pre-select the SEP Mobile datacentre location for future orders?